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Sadan far du en k?reste

snapchat has eclipsed facebook as teens’ social network of choice by eschewing virality and automated filtering in favor of more intimate forms of digital interaction. then, facebook can’t be sure that the change won’t have some subtle, longer-term effect that it had failed to anticipate. warning: driving while distracted can result in a loss of vehicle control that may lead to an accident, severe personal injury, and death. drivers should remain attentive to driving and always exercise caution when using the steering-wheel-mounted controls while driving. riding atop an aging platform, the compass doesn't deliver the same ride and handling found in many newer products, and although jeep has addressed part of the performance issue with a new 6-speed automatic transmission, a continuously variable automatic transmission (cvt) remains on 4wd compass models with freedom drive ii, the most desirable of the off-road systems. when they don’t match up, the company says, that points to “an area for improvement. the post you see at the top of your feed, then, has been chosen over thousands of others as the one most likely to make you laugh, cry, smile, click, like, share, or comment. intermittent windshield wipers are an added convenience on rainy days. front and rear crumple zones are specially designed to absorb and dissipate impact energy, helping to preserve the passenger compartment. publishers, advertisers, hoaxsters, and even individual users began to glean the elements that viral posts tended to have in common—the features that seemed to trigger reflexive likes from large numbers of friends, followers, and even random strangers. then, according to a closely guarded and constantly shifting formula, facebook’s news feed algorithm ranks them all, in what it believes to be the precise order of how likely you are to find each post worthwhile. “it has more to do with the amount of time you spend on a story relative to the other stories in your news feed. the result could be a news feed that optimizes for virality, rather than quality—one that feeds users a steady diet of candy, leaving them dizzy and a little nauseated, liking things left and right but gradually growing to hate the whole silly game. you can now “unfollow” a friend whose posts you no longer want to see, “see less” of a certain kind of story, and designate your favorite friends and pages as “see first,” so that their posts will appear at the top of your feed every time you log in. survey that facebook has been running over the past six months—asking a subset of users to choose their favorite among two side-by-side posts—is an attempt to gather the same sort of data from a much wider sample than is possible through the feed quality panel. for instance: liking a post before you’ve read it, facebook learned, corresponds much more weakly to your actual sentiment than liking it afterward.: the rear-camera display is not a substitute for proper and safe backing-up procedures.

time you open facebook, one of the world’s most influential, controversial, and misunderstood algorithms springs into action. speak of facebook’s news feed algorithm in the singular, then, can be misleading. time you open Facebook, one of the world’s most influential, controversial, and misunderstood algorithms springs into action. no matter how meticulously you construct an algorithm, there are always going to be data to which you aren’t privy: the coaches’ game plans, how derrick rose’s knee is feeling that day, whether the ball is properly inflated. it also predicts whether you’ll click, comment, share, or hide it, or even mark it as spam. specifically, these steel beams are designed to absorb impact energy and deflect side-impact force. front and rear 3-point seat belts are an integral part of an elaborate vehicle-wide safety system designed to help minimize the effects of an accident. “like this,” a feel-good post would implore, and people would do it, even if they didn’t really care that much about the post. driver and front passenger can relax into seats with heated backs and cushions. of course, the beauty of a car-based crossover suv is its on-road composure, and both the steering and suspension of the 2014 jeep compass provide decent connectivity to the road. first line of defense in safety are the seat belts. “it’s not as simple as, ‘5 seconds is good, 2 seconds is bad,’ ” eulenstein explains. is not the only data-driven company to run up against the limits of algorithmic optimization in recent years. facebook—which was originally little more than a massive compendium of profile pages and groups, something like myspace—built the news feed in that year as a hub for updates about your friends’ activities on the site. contrasting chrome surround on the black mesh radiator grille adds to the distinctive, stylish look of the front end. steps 1 and 2 until you’re able to proceed through the set from start to end without reversing any numbers. that requires an algorithm: a set of concrete instructions by which a given problem may be solved.

  • the driver’s primary responsibility is in the safe and legal operation of a vehicle, and use of any handheld devices, other equipment, or vehicle systems which take the driver’s eyes, attention and focus away from the safe operation of a vehicle or which are not permissible by law should never be used during operation of the vehicle. the algorithm had a way to identify the most popular posts—and make them go “viral,” a term previously applied to things that were communicated from person to person, rather that broadcast algorithmically to a mass audience. for instance, eulenstein used the panel to test the hypothesis that the time a user spends looking at a story in her news feed might be a good indicator that she likes it, even if she didn’t actually click like. if it’s good, it will not only predict the game’s winner, but tell you its degree of confidence in the result. the car reported in an accident or damaged in a flood? the convenience of one-touch auto-up and auto-down operation of the driver's-side window. tom alison is director of engineering for the news feed; he’s in charge of the humans who are in charge of the algorithm. center console with sliding armrest provides adjustable, padded comfort and ample storage room for your personal items. independent macpherson strut-front suspension and stabilizer bar offer precise, sporty handling dynamics. for that, alison explains, facebook uses a different kind of algorithm, called a prediction algorithm. a glimpse into its inner workings sheds light not only on the mechanisms of facebook’s news feed, but on the limitations of machine learning, the pitfalls of data-driven decision making, and the moves facebook is increasingly making to collect and address feedback from individual human users, including a growing panel of testers that are becoming facebook’s equivalent of the nielsen family. facebook has spent seven years working on improving its ranking algorithm, mosseri says.” facebook’s algorithm considers that a strong negative signal and endeavors to show them fewer posts like that in the future. a change like tas’ has been tested on each of these audiences, he’ll present the resulting data at one of the news feed team’s weekly “ranking meetings” and field a volley questions from mosseri, allison, marra, and his other colleagues as to its effect on various metrics. and yet the results of this automated ranking process shape the social lives and reading habits of more than 1 billion daily active users—one-fifth of the world’s adult population. intricate as it is, the news feed algorithm does not attempt to individually model each user’s behavior. power-folding outside mirrors are handy when parking in close quarters.
  • with what jeep describes as a 2nd-generation cvt with low range, in combination with all-terrain tires, a 1-inch-higher ride height and full-size spare tire, you can, indeed, get off the beaten path. while the two goals may seem to be in tension in the short term, “we find that qualitiative improvements to the news feed look like they correlate with long-term engagement. a bluetooth® wireless technology-enabled cell phone is required to use bluetooth® wireless technology. clockwise from far left: greg marra, vibhi kant, uzma barlaskar, chris tosswill, mosseri, scott thomson, and sammi krug. the algorithm’s viral power has turned the media industry upside down, propelling startups like buzzfeed and vox to national prominence while 100-year-old newspapers wither and die. the greatest challenges to facebook’s dominance in recent years—the upstarts that threaten to do to facebook what facebook did to myspace—have eschewed this sort of data-driven approach altogether. out of that research emerged a tweak that facebook revealed in june, in which the algorithm boosted the rankings of stories that users spent more time viewing in their feeds. start assist control (hac) offers an added measure of security when moving from a stop on a steep hill by preventing the vehicle from rolling backward.-pressure monitoring system (tpms) offers the convenience and an added measure of preventative safety by constantly monitoring tire inflation pressures in all four tires. it has machine-learning wizards developing logistic regressions to interpret how users’ past behavior predicts what posts they’re likely to engage with in the future. yet facebook employees weren’t the only ones who could see what it took for a given post to go viral. they’re people like sami tas, a software engineer whose job is to translate the news feed ranking team’s proposed changes into language that a computer can understand."this puppy uses your phone's gps to help you track the pace, workout distance, time, cadence, and elevation of your bikes, hikes, and runs - and it's got built in training plans to boot. must have javascript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. when it evolves, it’s because a bunch of humans read a bunch of spreadsheets, held a bunch of meetings, ran a bunch of tests, and decided to make it better. it was a way for facebook to enlist its users in solving the problem of how best to filter their own news feeds. full-length side curtain airbags offer enhanced safety of occupants in all rows by reducing the potential for injury in a collision or rollover scenario.
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  • mosseri, facebook’s 32-year-old director of product for news feed, is alison’s less technical counterpart—a “fuzzie” rather than a “techie,” in silicon valley parlance. when facebook dug deeper, it found that a small subset of those 5 percent were hiding almost every story they saw—even ones they had liked and commented on. eulenstein, product manager, and lauren scissors, user experience researcher, in a conference room near their team’s work space. but the increasing involvement of ordinary users isn’t only on the input side of the equation.” maybe you’ll take into account environmental factors: who’s the home team? to enhance comfort, the windshield and front windows are made of solar control glass that helps reduce interior heat buildup on sunny days.’s feed quality panel has given the company’s news feed team richer, more human data than it ever had before. yet, for all its power, facebook’s news feed algorithm is surprisingly inelegant, maddeningly mercurial, and stubbornly opaque. to counterbalance the influence of amazon’s automated a/b tests, ceo jeff bezos places outsize importance on the specific complaints of individual users and maintains a public email address for that very purpose. if skidding under braking is detected, abs modulates brake force to reduce skidding which in turn allows for reduced braking distances in addition to helping you maintain control of your vehicle. that users didn’t realize they were doing this was perhaps the most ingenious part. the algorithm’s rankings correspond to the user’s preferences “sometimes,” facebook acknowledges, declining to get more specific. which friends do you always want to see at the top of your feed? (the human mind’s algorithms are far more sophisticated than anything silicon valley has yet devised, but they’re also heavily reliant on heuristics and notoriously prone to folly.: steps, calories burned, distance, activity types, sleep quality, and sleep duration. drivers should remain attentive to driving and always exercise caution when using the steering wheel-mounted controls while driving.  no system, no matter how advanced, can compensate for all driver error and/or driving conditions.
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Sadan far du en k?reste

over the past two years, facebook has been giving users more power to control their news feeds’ output as well. interactions, the humans behind facebook’s news feed figured, are a good indicator that a given post has struck a chord. it delivers the fitness and sleep tracking you need to stay motivated, including steps taken, distance traveled, calories burned, activity tagging, and sleep duration and quality. i arrive at facebook’s sprawling, frank gehry–designed office in menlo park, i’m met by a lanky 37-year-old man whose boyish countenance shifts quickly between an earnest smile and an expression of intense focus. “we speculated that it might be, but you could think of reasons why it wouldn’t be, too,” eulenstein tells me. it treats your likes as identical in value to mine, and the same is true of our hides.) cathcart started by gathering more subtle forms of behavioral data: not just whether someone clicked, but how long he spent reading a story once he clicked on it; not just whether he liked it, but whether he liked it before or after reading. rear child-safety door locks offer peace of mind by enabling parents to disengage the interior door opening mechanism ensuring children can't open the rear doors while the vehicle is in motion. you are serious about going off-road, there are far better vehicles than the. halogen multi-reflector lens headlights offer substantial illumination of the road in front of you. in terms of engine refinement and overall performance, the compass falls far behind newer models like the subaru forester,Ford escape and hyundai santa fe sport. leather seat trim accents the rich, luxurious tone of the interior. beyond that, we'd mention the all-weather capability group, which includes all-season floor mats, engine-block heater, all-terrain tires and tow hooks – this option package may be the best way to make this "pretend" jeep suv feel more like the real thing. tilt steering column offers near-infinite adjustment for the perfect fit and optimal driver comfort. to the waitlist to be among the first to know when this item is available. freedom drive ii the 2014 compass achieves jeep's "trail rated" moniker, a credible achievement given its car-based roots. it will predict each of these outcomes, and others, with a certain degree of confidence, then combine them all to produce a single relevancy score that’s specific to both you and that post.

the rear-camera display is not a substitute for proper and safe backing-up procedures., and any use of such marks by kia is under license. when operating a vehicle, never use a handheld device or vehicle system that takes your focus away from safe vehicle operation. facebook’s data scientists were aware that a small proportion of users—5 percent—were doing 85 percent of the hiding. (facebook’s news feed algorithm, like google’s search algorithm or netflix’s recommendation algorithm, is really a sprawling complex of software made up of smaller algorithms. it fueled the stratospheric rise of billion-dollar companies like zynga and livingsocial—only to suck the helium from them a year or two later with a few adjustments to its code, leaving behind empty-pocketed investors and laid-off workers. active eco system proactively controls parts of the engine, transmission, and air condition system to help reach optimal fuel economy. “you’re going to look at the win-loss record of each team, the records of the individual players, who’s injured, who’s on a streak. they also happen to be the fuel that drives the facebook economy: clicks, likes, shares, and comments are what make posts go viral, turn individual users into communities, and drive traffic to the advertisers that facebook relies on for revenue. you won't, to be sure, want to go boulder hopping (there simply isn't enough ground clearance), but you'll be pleasantly surprised with the capabilities of the compass, when so equipped, to deal with slick surfaces and bad weather. director tom alison, product director adam mosseri, and engineering director lars backstrom in the saint frank coffee shop in facebook’s building 20. some stories irk them enough that they’re moved to click on the little drop-down menu at the top right of the post and select “hide post. the news feed algorithm’s outsize influence has given rise to a strand of criticism that treats it as if it possessed a mind of its own—as if it were some runic form of intelligence, loosed on the world to pursue ends beyond the ken of human understanding. led positioning lights bring distinctive style to the rio front end. mosseri (standing), the director of product for news feed, with his team of product managers. it functions by gently applying the brakes for two seconds while you move your foot from the brake pedal to the accelerator. they knew that might mean sacrificing some short-term engagement—and maybe revenue—in the name of user satisfaction.

and with a convenient, automated shut-off system, you don't have to worry about overheating. sx supervision meter cluster provides essential driving information with enhanced readability. it offers a vivid color, 7" touch screen and relays real-time highway conditions from siriusxm traffic™ . with no real way to measure that—the like button came three years later—the company’s engineers simply made assumptions based on their own intuition. facebook’s news feed algorithm was one of the first to surreptitiously enlist users in personalizing their experience—and influencing everyone else’s. interior of the 2014 jeep compass includes soft-touch materials on the door trim, a comfortable center armrest and a steering wheel that provides decent feel and grip. i had a rare chance recently to spend time with facebook’s news feed team at their menlo park, california, headquarters and see what it actually looks like when they make one of those infamous, market-moving “tweaks” to the algorithm—why they do it, how they do it, and how they decide whether it worked. at each step, the company collects data on the change’s effect on metrics ranging from user engagement to time spent on the site to ad revenue to page-load time. if you have several hundred friends, it could be as many as 10,000. it does use a sorting algorithm to order the set of all posts that could appear in your news feed when you open the app. driver and passenger will each enjoy the convenience of a lighted visor vanity mirror. if facebook had told users they had to rank and review their friends’ posts to help the company determine how many other people should see them, we would have found the process tedious and distracting. they also asked them questions to try to get at why they liked or didn’t like a given post, how much they liked it, and what they would have preferred to see instead. deputized product manager max eulenstein and user experience researcher lauren scissors to oversee the feed quality panel and ask it just those sorts of questions. a warning light appears in the instrument cluster should any tire pressures drop below a specified range. algorithms, in the popular imagination, are mysterious, powerful entities that stand for all the ways technology and modernity both serve our every desire and threaten the values we hold dear. the 4-wheel independent suspension is another bonus and, to jeep's credit, even base sport models offer numerous standard comfort and convenience features, including air conditioning, power door locks, power windows, cruise control, power heated outside mirrors, a removable and rechargeable flashlight and uconnect media center.

it's completely open or slightly tilted, the power tilt/sliding sunroof gives you an enhanced airy experience on your drive. 2014 jeep compass offers a choice of two 4-cylinder engines, neither of which strikes us as terribly refined or powerful. it helps the driver regain control and return the vehicle to its intended path. over 130 channels, including 69 that are 100% commercial-free music and entertainment, siriusxm satellite radio provides added enjoyment for every drive. the end result is not unattractive, but pricing for a well-equipped compass can easily climb into the ,000 range. “looking at likes, clicks, comments, and shares is one way of determining what people are interested in,” cox, 33, tells me via email. guessing is fine when you’ve got nothing to lose, alison says. alerts for call and text notifications, movement reminders, and alarms. used with seat belts, the dual front seat-mounted side airbags offer an additional level of enhanced safety and can be effective at reducing injuries from certain collisions. “we could spend 10 more years—and we will—trying to improve those [machine-learning techniques],” mosseri says. it’s that, thanks to all the tests and holdout groups, there are more than a dozen different versions of that master algorithm running in the world at any given time. cargo should be evenly distributed and secured, and never piled higher than the seat back. my brain has taken his input and produced an immediate verbal output, perhaps according to some impish algorithm of its own. it wasn’t long before facebook users’ feeds began to feel eerily similar: all filled with content that was engineered to go viral, much of it mawkish or patronizing. netflix’s famous movie-recommendation engine has come to rely heavily on humans who are paid to watch movies all day and classify them by genre. for example, you may read a tragic post that you don’t want to click like, comment on, or share, but if we asked you, you would say that it really mattered to you to have read it. audio system is complemented by the crisp, clear highs of a-pillar-mounted tweeters.

power-operated side-view mirrors conveniently heat up to melt ice or snow. months, mosseri and his team had grown so reliant on the panel’s feedback that they took it nationwide, paying a demographically representative sample of people around the country to rate and review their facebook feeds on a daily basis from their own homes. at a time when facebook and other silicon valley giants increasingly filter our choices and guide our decisions through machine-learning software, when tech titans like elon musk and scientific laureates like stephen hawking are warning of the existential threat posed by a. the data so far, he explains, suggest that placing more weight on surveys and giving users more options have led to an increase in overall engagement and time spent on the site. and powerful, the black mesh radiator grille further accentuates the rio's adventurous side. (their location was, facebook says, a “historical accident” that grew out of a pilot project in which the company partnered with an unnamed third-party subcontractor. challenges, snag workout rewards, and share achievements with your friends (a. presumably, however, the superhiders of the world are now marginally more satisfied with their news feeds, and thus more likely to keep using facebook, sharing stories with friends, and viewing the ads that keep the company in business. age of the algorithm is not over, but there has been a change in velocity.” without a way to measure that, the algorithm would devalue such posts in favor of others that lend themselves more naturally to likes and clicks. stability control (esc) offers an enhanced level of vehicle control and peace of mind by offering improved directional stability helping you maintain the vehicle's intended direction of travel. esc monitors and assists in the control of key vehicle functions by braking individual wheels and reducing engine power accordingly. steers me through a maze of cubicles and open minikitchens toward a small conference room, where he promises to demystify the facebook algorithm’s true nature. over the past several months, the social network has been running a test in which it shows some users the top post in their news feed alongside one other, lower-ranked post, asking them to pick the one they’d prefer to read. hand-stitched leather-wrapped steering wheel and matching gearshift knob complement the refined interior. algorithm can optimize for a given outcome, but it can’t tell you what that outcome should be. humans decide what data goes into it, what it can do with that data, and what they want to come out the other end.

included trip computer offers an array of functions right at your fingertips: trip meter, odometer, estimated range of remaining fuel, current average miles per gallon, and more. but when i emerge from the bathroom, he’s still standing right outside, and it occurs to me that he’s not allowed to leave me unattended. it’s flawed because, unlike the perfectly realized, sentient algorithms of our sci-fi fever dreams, the intelligence behind facebook’s software is fundamentally human. social-media consultants sprung up to advise people on how to game facebook’s algorithm: the right words to use, the right time to post, the right blend of words and pictures. it took a different kind of data—qualitative human feedback—to begin to fill them in.’s analogous to what facebook’s news feed algorithm does when it tries to predict whether you’ll like a given post. tas was tasked with tweaking the code to identify this small group of people and to discount the negative value of their hides. conveniently placed steering-wheel-mounted cruise control buttons allow you to adjust settings without removing your hands from the wheel. no longer just a way to keep in touch with friends, facebook had become, in effect, the global newspaper of the 21st century: an up-to-the-minute feed of news, entertainment, and personal updates from friends and loved ones, automatically tailored to the specific interests of each individual user. it would be premature to declare the age of the algorithm over before it really began, but there has been a change in velocity. instead, their working definition of what matters to any given facebook user is just this: what he or she would rank at the top of their feeds given the choice. it has responded by developing a sort of checks-and-balances system in which every news feed tweak must undergo a battery of tests among different types of audiences, and be judged on a variety of different metrics. the dual led map lights give the driver and front passenger the convenience of a directed beam of light. automatic door lock and unlock functionality provides added security and convenience. there were about 1,000 of those people, and until recently, most of them lived in knoxville, tennessee. that, in short, is the job of the news feed ranking team: to devise a system capable of assigning any given facebook post a “relevancy score” specific to any given facebook user. of the time, when people see a story they don’t care about in their news feed, they scroll right past it.

steering-wheel-mounted paddle shifters offer enhanced convenience with quick shifts, while allowing you to keep both hands on the steering wheel. facebook’s mosseri, for his part, rejects the buzzword “data-driven” in reference to decision making; he prefers “data-informed.’s a potential downside, however, to giving users this sort of control: what if they’re mistaken, as humans often are, about what they really want to see? facebook’s news feed algorithm can be tweaked to make us happy or sad; it can expose us to new and challenging ideas or insulate us in ideological bubbles.-app activity tagging: running, walking, swimming, cycling, yoga, basketball, tennis, soccer, and dancing. once every possible post in your feed has received its relevancy score, the sorting algorithm can put them in the order that you’ll see them on the screen. but cox and his colleagues at facebook have taken pains to avoid putting their own editorial stamp on the news feed. for added convenience, a vehicle footprint that shows bumper width is superimposed in the display. drivers should remain attentive to driving and always exercise caution when using the steering wheel-mounted controls while driving. “as we continue to improve news feed based on what people tell us, we are seeing that we’re getting better at ranking people’s news feeds; our ranking is getting closer to how people would rank stories in their feeds themselves,” says scissors, the user experience researcher who helps to ovesee the feed quality panel. front and rear doors offer convenient map pockets and water-bottle holders. users bristled at the idea that their status updates, profile picture changes, and flirtatious notes on one another’s pages would be blasted into the feeds of all of their friends, but facebook pressed on. over time, the team tried tweaking those assumptions and testing how the changes affected the amount of time users spent on the site. wear it stacked with a smart watch and cuff, or customize it to your style using the hidden 8-mm spring bars, which allow it to be worn with almost any standard accessory, including watch bands, bracelets, or necklaces. dual front cup holders allow the driver and passenger to enjoy beverages within easy reach. if the team is satisfied that the change is a positive one, free of unintended consequences, the engineers in charge of the code on the ios, android, and web teams will gradually roll it out to the public at large. auto light control, the headlights automatically turn off or on depending on the level of sunlight outside.

in short, as a jeep it still looks too much like an entry-level. anchors and tethers for children (latch) is a universal child-seat attachment system that allows for quick, easy, and secure installation and removal of latch-equipped child seats. with the smart key tucked away in a pocket or purse, you can start or stop the engine at the push of a button or lock and unlock doors from the outside. the event of certain collisions, front seat-belt pretensioners are designed to tighten the seat belts, pulling the driver and occupants more snugly into their seats in anticipation of an impact, to help to reduce the likelihood of injury. nerve center of your rio is the voice-command navigation system. whether at the beach – and with either 4-wheel-drive option the 2014 jeep compass can deal with some sand – or at the trailhead, the optional sound system makes it easy to share the good times and good sounds with your friends. make and answer calls with your bluetooth® wireless technology-enabled phone, all without removing your hands from the wheel. mosseri’s instinct was right: the news feed algorithm had blind spots that facebook’s data scientists couldn’t have identified on their own. he scribbles a list of positive integers in dry erase:The simple task at hand: devise an algorithm to sort these numbers into ascending order. jeep has made great strides with the exterior and interior enhancement for the 2014 compass, its overall appeal still falls short of the benchmarks set by the. (this is the group that’s becoming facebook’s equivalent of nielsen families.“when you study computer science, one of the first algorithms you learn is a sorting algorithm,” alison says.” the research also revealed the need to control for the speed of users’ internet connections, which can make it seem like they’re spending a long time on a given story when they’re actually just waiting for the page to load. rear led rear combination lamps deliver standout style and enhanced visibility. but with no way to assess which sorts of posts were delighting people and which were boring, offending, or confusing them, the engineers were essentially throwing darts. stability management (vsm) adds steering direction control capability, intervening when appropriate to further stabilize the vehicle. but the algorithm is so precious to facebook that every tweak to the code must be tested—first in an offline simulation, then among a tiny group of facebook employees, then on a small fraction of all facebook users—before it goes live.

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” that may be a happy coincidence if it continues to hold true. vibrant color touch-screen makes controlling your audio easy: change stations, pick your channel pre-sets, and more. but while users’ engagement was skyrocketing, it wasn’t clear whether their overall satisfaction with facebook was keeping pace. other details include a uconnect media center with ipod interface, available sirius satellite radio and navigation, illuminated cup holders, liftgate speakers and fold-flat rear seats. foundation of your kia's active safety system, the antilock braking system (abs) uses electronic sensors at each wheel hub to detect when wheels begin skid. your email address and we'll send you a link to get back on track!” the feed quality panelists’ ratings allowed eulenstein and scissors to not only confirm their hunch, but to examine the subtleties in the correlation, and to begin to quantify it. practical 60/40 split-folding rear seat folds down easily for plenty of passenger and cargo combinations. “they actually write a little paragraph about every story in their news feed,” notes greg marra, product manager for the news feed ranking team. more dynamic handling, the sport-tuned suspension offers a number of performance enhancements including different spring rates, damper tuning, and a thicker front sway bar.’s a hard problem, because what’s relevant to you—a post from your childhood friend or from a celebrity you follow—might be utterly irrelevant to me. the downside: if your data set is large, it’s computationally inefficient and time-consuming. organizations have historically defined what matters to their audience through their own editorial judgment. used with properly fitted seat belts, this advanced system helps detect the presence of a front-seat passenger, monitors the severity of an impact, and controls airbag inflation accordingly to help reduce injuries in certain collisions. modern gray accent stitching is also featured on the steering wheel, shift boot, and armrest. he traffics in problems and generalities, where alison deals in solutions and specifics. it had spent the past year building a revamped mobile app that quickly surpassed google search and google maps as the nation’s most popular.